Friday, January 15, 2010

Nightmare on Robin Place

Since moving into the new house, I have had an increasing number of weird and bizarre dreams.  I am sure it has more to do with the moving, the wedding, the chaos, and the stress than it does the actual place, but the dreams have been there.

The first week, I dreamed of a see-through little girl standing by my bed waving at me.  I jumped out of bed, ran into the kitchen and pressed my body up against the wall so she could not find me.  The Guy was standing in the kitchen watching with utter confusion as I peeked back into the room and -- upon seeing the girl again -- flung myself back up against the wall.

Welcome to marriage, Sweetie!

Just before Christmas, I had another dream.  In this dream, I was helping to bring back to life people who had died in the Holocaust.  While this is a noble and wonderful thing, in my dream I was doing it so I could assist in torturing them all over again.  Merry Christmas!

But it is this last week I feel sorry for The Guy having to share a bed with me.  We finally had two days off (in a row!!) together and The Guy was looking forward to getting to sleep in past 3am.  I ruined that, however, when I had a nightmare at 3:15 that caused me to sit straight up in bed and scream "NO NO NO!!  DON"T!!"  He told me it was just a dream and I went back to sleep.  All was well, but The Guy was awake for the remainder of the day.

The next night, I jumped out of bed at just after 3am, crept to the door, flung it open and crept into the kitchen.  I was acting like a spy, trying to be covert so the intruder didn't see me.  I was sure I had heard the front door open and we were going to be murdered in our sleep.  Again, The Guy woke me up and told me it was a dream.  He did tell me later that day that the side gate had swung open in the wind, so that was what woke me up.

I was bound and determined I would not destroy his last night of sleeping in.  I went to bed at a decent time and took my sleeping meds.  Then, shortly after 3am, Monty started crying and barking in his sleep.  He was having a nightmare.

I think The Guy is going to make us sleep in another room soon.

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  1. The Guy make you sleep in the other room? Possible, if you keep waking him up. Or he will move over. He loves you, but he does need a bit of sleep.


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