Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Grandma's 90th birthday

Grandma "aka crazy Grandma, Grandma L, Auntie Bea" 

Today is Grandma's birthday.  She turns 90 years old.  When I called her, she couldn't answer the phone because she had walked to the community cellar and was getting herself some potatoes.  Then she had a haircut and walked the dog.  When I am 90, I hope to be with it enough to not drool down my shirt and wet myself in public.  However, I can't do that now, so who am I kidding?

Me and Grandma in matching outfits. .

Happy birthday Grandma!


  1. Those outfits are priceless! She sounds awesome!

  2. I said to Tanya that I could have phoned her a couple of times yesterday and she would have been just as excited to hear from me each time.

  3. Grams! Both of my grandmas are gone so she is like my cyber-surrogate grandma.

    Happy B-day! Keep truckin'!

  4. Bronwyn, I think you should send your grandma the message from Roger, and then try to explain to her how you know Roger. And then you should blog the conversation.

    I'll start popping the popcorn now.


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