Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dog tails are not conducive to sleep

The Guy works at an ungodly hour all December until Christmas.  In response to this, he has to go to bed unreasonably early.  This means, the dog and I don't go to bed until long after The Guy has been asleep.

The other night, this is how it all went down.

I climb into bed and pull the covers around me.  Monty jumps up and settles down in between The Guy and I.  He stretches out along The Guy's back with his head towards our feet.  He scrunches in a bit and wags his tail once to signal he is happy now.  *thwack*

The Guy rolls over to face us and suddenly Monty realizes The Guy is there!  Monty is happy to see him!  He wags his tail.  *thwack... thwack*  He hits The Guy squarely in the face.  The Guy makes a noise. 

Monty is pretty sure this is acknowledgement.  His tail starts getting faster.  *thwack. thwack. thwack*  Each one catching The Guy squarely in the face. 

I giggle.  I know I shouldn't laugh; The Guy's sleep is precious.  But I giggle anyway.  This makes Monty's tail thump even harder, until it is one constant sound of *thwackthwackthwackthwackthwackthwack*  Finally, The Guy grabs Monty's tail and pins it to the bed.  I don't think he slept much after that.

Monty and I have both been relegated to the couch tonight.


  1. I love that dog.
    Verification word - messi

  2. Ha ha - awesome. I learned long ago that even though my cat is cute and cuddly, getting a good night's sleep with her around is not an option.


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