Monday, November 16, 2009

William Shatner haunts my dreams

My Twitter Status tonight:

Okay, the panda part doesn't have anything to do with this, but it's true, so I left it.

Then I had this conversation with Lyn:

Lynmara says:  Why the hell are you awake?
Bronwyn says:  No idea.  Monty jumped off the bed b/c I had a dream about William shatner and my neck hurts (presumably from hitting street people with magazines) so I got a cold pack and am WIDE awake
Lynmara says:  most of that made no sense to me
 Were you hitting street people again?
Bronwyn says:  I had a dream about William Shatner.  We were chasing a street guy who turned into an alien villain in a video game.  To beat him, I had to smack him repeatedly with an enetertainment magazine.  I woke up with a start and Monty thought it was time to get up and now my shoulder really hurts
Lynmara says:  You have the weirdest dreams, man

Then I told Ky about it and she mentioned it isn't the first dream I've had about Shatner.  I mean, I love Bill as much as the next guy -- okay, maybe not as much as I'mNotBenny -- but this is ridiculous.  I need my sleep, Bill.  I need my sleep.

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  1. The young handsome William Shatner from early Star Trek or the old pudgy guy from bad commercial?? The young handsome Shatner could meet me in dreamland! The more recent version should stay home.


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