Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now that's romance

The wedding was fantastic.  The bride was gorgeous and her veil was to envy.  Little stitched leaves and sparkling things handwoven all the way down a Cathedral train.  Wow!!

 Queen D and I decided we were going to have to steal the flower girl.  She was so cute.  We decided we would share her.  One week with D, one with me.  Then we found a baby to steal too.  He was precious.  So, one week with one kid, one week with the other.  Our husbands would never notice!!  Unfortunately, the moment didn't present itself so we went home without.

The Guy and I realized that in the years we've been together, we have never danced together.  So, we thought we would rectify that at the wedding.  Numerous slow dances came and went, but we never went up.  After awhile I went and danced myself crazy with the Mobile girls to very bouncy songs.  And "Jessie's Girl" which is the greatest song ever.  Except for Journey.  Journey rocks.

Finally, The Guy and I went up to dance.  Guess what song we had our first dance to?  Gold Digger.  That's right.  Gold Digger.  I'MA LET YOU FINISH, BUT WE'RE THE BEST DANCERS EVER. 

I told Lyn that was our first dance and she asked how awkward it was.  Let's just say this.  We are two of the whitest people on Earth dancing to a song which contains the "N" word.  How awkward do you think it was?

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