Sunday, November 01, 2009

My life in stories: Ages 0-1

This begins NaBloPoMo: a daily post of stories of my life - 33 years in 30 days. 

I was born to a secretary and a grad student in the mid seventies.  I was born 3 weeks late.  The story goes that I was reading a book and didn't want to come out.  Truth be told, even after 36 hours of labour, I was "untimely ripped" from my mother.  I imagine if they hadn't pushed the issue, I might not have left.  I have that problem now with my own bed.  And I'm not attached by a cord to my bed.

The beginning of a good H--- tradition: group naps.

I might have been a happy baby, I don't remember.  My mom did tell me fairly often that I never slept through the night -- not once.  That has lasted my my entire life. 

 Me with Dad and Mom -- happy little family.

We lived for a short time in the metropolis of Saskatoon before heading to a small village/reserve called Cumberland House. It's hard to write a memoir of years you don't remember, but I have heard the tales of our Northern home so often, I have created the images in my mind.

Me and "Bup" the RCMP dog.

We lived near to the RCMP officers and the nurses who were posted in the Northern area to keep the peace and patch the pain.  Some of those nurses and officers became life long family friends.  I was their pet.  The pictures of this time in my life are filled with young men and a few women with me smack dab in the middle.  These were our friends.  The residents of the village were less likely to be friendly.  Mom would tell how I would say hi to each person we came across and would be heartbroken when they did not respond.

This picture speaks to the sense of style I created early in my life.  
Suspenders are cool, right?

This was my life in those early years.  Separated from all our family by long distance and culture.  One of my first words was in whatever language they spoke in the village, but I didn't retain that for long.  We spent three years there in the little village.  Outsiders making friends of other outsiders -- all hoping to do our best for the people who weren't sure they wanted us there.


  1. You slept through the night we accidentally OD'd you on Gravol. Once you more or less outgrew your milk intolerance which we never figured out, you slept through the night.
    It was Cree.
    Are the pictures from slides?

  2. Suspenders aren't as cool as fur boas so you definitely win the cool contest. Unless that's some kind of pet....what is that exactly?

  3. Dad: I totally forgot about the Gravol story. I so would have apprehended me.

    NQA: I think it was a rabbit stole. I was never politically correct.

  4. It was White Fox from the Arctic, farewell gift when I left Cambridge Bay.
    I'm sure you would have taken all our kids away from us. Considering how you all turned out it was a miracle.

  5. Dad: I forgot to say that these pictures are from my albums. The slides are in a blanket box which is under a table which is under 6 - 12 other boxes. So, I will find it in 2034.

  6. Oh, Bron. I forgot to mention: Awesome MacBeth quote integration.


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