Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween decor at the Hing-Yatt house

I love Halloween. It's not just about the free candy -- although, it is mostly about the free candy -- but it is about the decorations.

I love Halloween because you get to have silly, creepy, odd, decorations.  One year, my sisters and I made hundreds of hand-made paper decorations and littered the house with them.  The windows were covered, the walls were covered, the ceiling was covered. I am sure that people driving by thought we had a house full of children who had been especially busy during craft time.

This year, I've been too busy and too lazy to decorate much.  Truth be known, my MiL dropped off some decorations on the steps or it might not have happened.  She brought these cute little things and I immediately fell in love with them.

Sentries welcoming you to our home. 
Monty beats one with his tail every time we come home from a walk.

I added a wreath that I had from years ago. I put it up on the railing instead of the door because I can't find the wreath hanger. Instead I used zip ties.  The wind has done it no favours, so this may be it's last year. Also, yes, that is snow.

Then I added Monty's pumpkin to the step.  He too is covered in snow, but that will melt when I put the candle in.  If I can find matches that work, that is.

Monty looking chipper as a pumpkin.

But this is my piece de resistance. Or it would be if I remembered how to spell that in French.  This is the skeleton my MiL gave me at Thanksgiving.  I decided to make him more interesting than just a wind chime.

Hastily discarded corpse.

Monty, The Guy and I will be here handing out treats to the waves of children in our neighbourhood. We're pretty pumped about that. And by that I mean, I can't wait to see all the little costumes and The Guy hopes that no one will come so he can eat all the candy.


  1. Great decorations. How are you handing out treats? I thought you had to work?

  2. I love your Monty jackolantern!


Crap monkies say "what?"