Monday, September 28, 2009

A special thank you

A few days ago, The Guy and I were looking at options for personalized Thank You cards.  We didn't have the wedding pictures yet, so we used an old picture from a few years ago.  Then we played around with the wording.  As a joke, I wrote "[The Guy] is an ass".   We closed the site and I assumed it was gone for good.

Last night, we were picking a few wedding pictures to print this week to send home with my father.  I picked about 10 options and went to order them.  We can order them for printing directly to The Guy's place of work.  It's a pretty nice system.  I hit the final order button and sat back.  It was then I noticed, the cost was a little higher than I thought.

I went back to the order page and looked at what had gone on.  Instantly, I saw what I had missed before.  25 Thank You cards were ordered.  My stomach jumped into my throat.  The Guy looked over and realized what I had done.  I had ordered 25 cards stating "[The Guy] is an ass" going to be delivered directly to his coworkers. 

I was horrified.  The Guy told me not to worry, he could cancel the order in the morning.  I apologized over and over again.  However, I also got the giggles.  I apologized and giggled.  I giggled and apologized.  I giggled.  Every time I thought I had stopped, I giggled again. 

Lyn suggested I keep the cards and leave them around the house when we have a fight.  I think it's for the best they were cancelled.  But, it's going to keep me giggling for awhile.


  1. Hehe. That is the best thing ever.

  2. Serves you right for saying such nasty things about such a wonderful man!!!


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