Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Something borrowed, something blue, something pimple

Here we are a mere 17 days until the wedding. 

Okay, I had to pause for a moment of panic, but I'm okay now.  A mere 17 days until the wedding. 

I've lost my train of thought.

Right.  I'm covered in pimples.  Zits.  Acne. Breakouts. Pizza face. 

Since my teens, I had problems with acne.  I went on Accutane twice.  Nothing.  Finally, about 2 years ago I went on a dose that would cure the acne of an entire chess team and I was free.  Nothing major for years.  A few here and there, but nothing major. 

Fast forward to this spring and summer.  I have had a fairly healthy share of stress and things (otherwise known as "shit to do").  I figured a few zits was normal.  And then this last month came. Oh August, you are a hateful beast.  Between the constant rain, the excrutiating heat and the OMG I am so stressed right now things, I have broken out in little teeny bumpy zits.  All over my forehead.  One on the bridge of my nose.  One on my chin.  I am a mess.

Did I mention I will be having 2 days worth of professional pictures focused solely on my face?  (Yeah, and The Guy too.  Whatever.)  Extreme closeups of my face?  Oh the joys.

Not only am I going to be paranoid about my facial scars showing up, but I have new zits.  I knew it was likely, but I'm not happy about it.  I plan to cover my face in zit remedy (no, not the band from Degrassi) and hope for the best.

So, I'll see you in 17 days.  I'll be the one with the bag over my head.


  1. The fact that you used "The Zit Remedy" in your post makes you the most awesome person in the world. "Everybody wants something, they'll take your MONey - and never give up" Is Wade wearing a Joey Jeramiah tux T-shirt to your wedding? Is that the cryptic meaning to his post? Did I just spoil the surprise?
    Oh, and you're beautiful and you're going to look beautiful on your wedding day. I have no doubt in my mind.

  2. Go to Jane's for an acne facial. You have lots of time and they really can help.

  3. I'm with you sister. Unfair to be worrying about wrinkles and acne
    There is something I am allergic to plant-wise that makes me break out during spring and summer. Nothing has worked because the source of the problem remains. All I can do is wait for my allergies to get under control over time.

  4. I wouldn't worry about the pics, since they can fix that stuff so you'll look flawless.

    Maybe it's a good thing you broke out 17 days before the wedding- you have time for it to run it's course and get it out of your system before the big day.

    This is not to say that all of this sucks for you, though. It sucks donkey ass. I use that Persagel stuff from Johnson and Johnson- that's the only thing that works for me, and my skin is a stubborn asshole.

  5. If it makes you feel any better, since coming to the dreaded Alberta I've been COVERED in acne. Something about how much I hate this province gets sucked into my pores and explodes at inopportune times. Like 2 weeks before my sister's wedding.


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