Friday, September 04, 2009

Garbage day woes

My neighbours missed a show if they weren't looking outside their windows at 11 AM this morning.

First, Monty and I loaded up into the car.  I had some errands to run and figured Monty made good company. 

Then, I backed up directly into the garbage bin.  I swore.  I jumped out of the running car, complained bitterly that the garbage bin was there (although there is no where else to put it - stupid living on a cul de sac) and dragged it up to the top of the driveway.

I jumped back into the car and sped away.  That is until I got two blocks away and realized the garbage truck was just coming around to our neighbourhood.  Crap.

So, I pulled a yewie.  U - ey?  Eewie.  I turned around.  I sped back into the bay, pulled up close to the driveway and dragged the garbage bin back down to the end.  I put it just to the side of the driveway so I wouldn't have so much trouble getting back in.

Then I sped away.

When I returned it was to find the garbage truck had picked up the garbage.  And dumped the bin directly in the centre of the driveway.  Sigh.


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  2. Our garbage bag sat by the road all week. It must have been pretty bad as even the stray dogs didn't tear it up. I gave up and brought it back into the yard last night. Will try again on Tuesday which is our (regular?) pick up day.


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