Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pre-wedding prep

Tonight was my pre-wedding hair trial.  I went to meet my hairdresser who had a baby 4 months ago and is thin and gorgeous and hip.  I hate her.  Expect that I totally adore her.  But, let me tell you, if she wasn't so nice, I would have drowned her skinny ass in the sink as she was washing my hair. 

We did the trial run.  There was a lot of backcombing and hairspray.  I looked... well, a lot like I did in the early 90s.  A lot of backcombing and hairspray.  Her idea was a cute concept of half up with curls.  In reality, the high hair part of the concept is not so much me.  Especially when it took me over half an hour to brush out said backcombing. Afterward, I looked like I had a bad 60s bouffant.  That is so not how I want to spend my wedding night.  "Just a sec honey, I have to brush out my matted hair."  We may have to rethink this.

Another day passes and we're another day closer.  I'm well beyond panic stage right now.  I don't even know enough about what I am not ready for to know what I should panic about.  You know? 


  1. Two suggestions for the hair: sleep on it, and it will look exactly the same in the morning. Wear it like this to brunch the next day (I've done this more than once).

    Don't brush it out - get in the shower and wet it down, then put a bunch of conditioner in it. Comb it through with your fingers, rinse and then shampoo/condition as usual.


  2. Panic? Why panic? Maybe you're in the space where it will happen all around you, and you'll just float through it.

    Besides, your Dad will be home in a few days. Let him panic for you. (Though I'm not sure he's the kind who panics easily.)

  3. Savia is giving good advice right there. Conditioning the hairdo (after removing bobby pins, of course) before you shower works like magic. I have done that every time I've had an updo (high school grad, braidesmaid, my own wedding), and it's always saved me from having to sleep on painfully stiff hair.

  4. Shave your head! Shave your head!

    I hope you chanted that, just as I had intended you to.

    Note: I will also be shaving my head for your wedding.


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