Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More airport conversations

When you've had too little sleep, too much caffeine, and too long waiting in an empty airport, you get a little punch drunk.  Hence my spazz out about the mosquito in my bra and my obsession with seeing Brian Williams

Ky was taking quite some time coming through customs and she told us she was third in line for being searched, we realized we had a wait ahead of us.  We also realized that the more Ky is innocent, the more she looks like she's up to something to be guilty about.  We figured it was only time before the synthetic gloves came out.  However, Ky assured us she only brought back magnets and toothpaste, but this is exactly the thing that gets people like Ky into trouble.

They think Ky's a terrorist.  I mean, toothpaste and magnets just spell terrorist.
She's like the MacGuyver of PhD students.  I bet she could make a bomb* out of it.  
They are emptying each tube of toothpaste right now making sure nothing looks suspicious. 
Into her hand!!  And then they will be like "Okay, you can put it back now".

Ky did come out a few minutes later.  She was being searched just on the other side of the wall and could hear us quite clearly.  I'm really glad they didn't call security on us.

*Not to be confused with boob.  Although, I am sure she could do that too.



    Favourite sister ever. Sorry Bron, but what have you ever done for me lately?

    Also, you're still totally cool with signing my loan papers, right?

  2. Dude, I totally just read your last two blogs. Sigh. I was SO proud of myself for getting the T9 joke, too.

  3. You're very brave for saying the words "terrorist" and "bomb" in an airport!


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