Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Celebrity Germs

Since Ky was taking forever to clear customs, I thought I should share my brush with famed Brian Williams with her.  This was our text conversation about it.

Guess whose butt germs I have on my pants?!?


No! Celebrity butt germs!

How can you get celebrity butt germs?  It is Roche Voisin?*

Nope, but good one.  It's the announcer for the Olympics.  The anchor dude.  Brian Williams.  He heard me talking about a mosquito in my bombs.**

He heard you talk about mosquitoes in your bombs and so he put his butt germs on you? Pervert.

Ha! That was awesome.  No, I'm sitting in the chair he sat on.  My butt has brushed with fame.

I keep thinking that Brian Williams will be writing a blog post somewhere about these two weird women he saw in the airport and how he hopes they didn't follow him to his hotel.  Although, if he really knew me, I am sure he wouldn't think I'm entirely stalker-like.  Right?

*This as her first option makes me incredibly happy.  I do love some Roche Voisin.  However, he is not the only celebrity lame enough to come to our city.  Recently we had AC/DC and also Debbie Reynolds.  But not at the same time, that would just be a really weird concert.

** My T9 insists that when I write 'boobs' I actually mean 'bombs'.  So, I leave it because I find it funnier.  I now refer to them as my bombs quite often.


  1. When Brian Williams googles his own name today, he's going to be very confused. I bet he has Google Alerts set up to tell him whenever anyone's talking about him.

    And then you're going to end up on the news.

  2. Possibly. But then I would be famous. As that poor demented girl from the airport. This cannot turn out well.

  3. Ah, Roche Voisin! Haven't heard that name in a loooooong time..

  4. Dude, I TOTALLY made a Roch Voisine joke the other day. We are a strange group of sisters.

  5. I've never heard of Roch Voisine before, but a quick Google Image search reveals that he is kinda cute, hey?

    And my word verification is "stfulati."

    I can take a hint.


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