Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another banner and a possible business opportunity

I am loving Photoshop. I've never had it before. All my banners were previously made by Paint. PAINT. It's like I was using a giant, red Kindergarten pencil to attempt to recreate Monet. How was I living?? Now that I've been introduced to Photoshop, there is a whole new world open to me. A creative world that is in focus.

I've made myself a new banner, have a back up in the works, created one for my Dad, and finally created one for my cousin (well, technically third cousin or something) who has been too busy to actually update anything for 2 months. I am hoping the new banner will change that. How could it not?

And now, I'm thinking, I should do this for money! So, I'm setting up an Etsy shop and am going to offer my services.

I think. What do you think?


  1. DO IT!! Love it!! They are all great!

  2. Just make sure you know the copyright status of any images you use. Some times web pages posts images they do not have permission for and you can get in a lot more trouble if you are making money off them. In my job I can only use images that I have created myself or from a set of images that the website purchased.
    Along those same lines, make sure no one can use the images you have created yourself without permission. Maybe put a watermark across the images.

  3. I think, do it dude. I'd hire you. My banner blows. I tried to teach myself how to do it once and I ended up punching my computer monitor. And it was at work. So, not only was I in trouble for working on my blog banner at work but I was ALSO in trouble for punching a hole in my computer monitor. Which is why I'm in an industry now that has nothing to do with computers. Because of the memories.

    So, anyways, do it.

    P.S. The above story was not entirely true.

  4. You are absolutely right! How could that woman NOT write with a banner as cool as that? I'm absolutely sure she will ... well, I'm think she might ... probably!? I've heard she's not only really busy but a little indecisive!


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