Saturday, August 29, 2009

21 days

If you look at the little counter to the right, you will note there are 21 days left until the Hing-Yatt wedding. 21 days. Twenty one days. That's three weeks. THREE WEEKS.

Hold on while I breathe deeply into this paper bag.

I'm a little panicky, but not really. It isn't real yet. It's like a month before a big exam - I have no realistic idea how little I am prepared for this. I think I have most things in place. Sort of. But the day looms closer and all I can think is "Huh? Already?"

I have the dress, the shoes, the man, the place, the flowers, the people. The rest is just gravy. Or so I keep telling myself to make up for the fact we might not have enough chairs.


  1. Not that I know anything about how to plan a wedding, but I think you should serve more than just gravy.

    Maybe at least some biscuits or something.

  2. You won't feel prepared until everything is all said and done and the gravy's all gone. At least you know the Guy won't (can't) say "I Don't"...

  3. I can stand. Or I'll bring one of my parents folding up lawn chairs. Is one of your colors neon green?

  4. I'll stand too. At the exit. To make sure neither of you try to escape at the last minute.

  5. Not having enough chairs is better than having half the chairs empty. At least you know you are loved:)

  6. I'm assuming The Blog Fodder has the job of walking you down the aisle so will have to appoint someone else to guard the exits! Not that I think you will need guards ... if you are determined to get out, out you will get! Looking forward to the pictures.


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