Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not a cool injury

I think I am developing carpel tunnel. I've had flare ups over the years -- when I was working as a waitress and a bee keeper (although not at the same time), I endured a bit of pain over the repetitive stress on my wrist joints.

Tonight, my wrist is really bothering me. I am embarrassed to admit what I have been doing to cause this pain to flare up. It is related to typing, but not important typing like writing reports or even blog posts.

I've been playing online Boggle.

But, in my defense, I'm really good.


  1. You look after that. Get Uncle Stan to tell you how to massage it. Your mom was almost needing operations on both wrists, but was able to work it off with the massage techniques Stan showed her.

  2. I feel bad for you, but I also feel the need to laugh at the fact you have a boggle injury.

    This is a dilemma.

    Take care of yourself- call Uncle Stan.


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