Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things you find in the trash

While packing for the move, I have been trying to also clean all the crap out of my house. I have all of my family's items trapped into the smallest effing house in the world. I have thrown out many, many things which I am sure will leave me in the deepest pit of hell when I die because the item was likely vitally important to someone who didn't bother to take it with them. Like the collection of shoe laces. And the container of miscellaneous keys.

In rare instances, I have found a little treasure. Today was one of those days. In a pile of old agriculture magazines, I found these:

The September 1958 issue of MAD magazine. Issue #41.

The January 1961 issue with Richard Nixon on it. Issue #60.

Once in awhile, keeping crap you never look at comes in handy. I'm selling these bad boys to the highest bidder and I'm spending the money on hookers and blow.


  1. Holy crow. That is crazy cool. The MADs that is; not the hookers and blow. Unless you mean fishing gear and bubblegum.

  2. That is just damned awesome, and beats the hell out of my old Superman issue #43, and some old Archie comic I got from my Grandma.

    Want to trade?

  3. RE Jan 61 Issue, you DO remember WHO was elected president in Nov '60, don't you?

  4. Hookers AND blow? You are a crazy woman.

  5. Dad, we're not retarded. However Alfred E. and his button is making me die with laughter.


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