Monday, June 08, 2009

Procrastination in packing

After awhile, packing is tedious. I say "after awhile" because for the most part, I really enjoy packing. I love the mindlessness of it. The organization, the paring down, the simplifying. There is something so interesting about dividing up your entire life into boxes. It makes you learn a lot about yourself. I, for example, have learned two very important things about myself: 1) for someone who doesn't cook, I own an astronomical number of cook books -- an entire TUB of them, and 2) I have too many clothes. How many pairs of yoga pants does a woman really need?

I decided I needed a distraction. I was tired of clearing out cupboards and drawers and not being able to part with something because it reminds me of that one time I did that thing and it was fun. I remembered I had lunch planned with a friend and it was her birthday so I decided to wrap her present. Oh! I had also bought my sister-in-law a house warming gift (well, it is also my brother's house, but we all know who the presents are really for) and I figured I should wrap those as well.

The gift I bought for my sister in law was a weird shaped item that could not be wrapped easily. And, of course, there was no box that would work for it. So, I improvised. I made the present into a party hat. Voila.

You will never guess what this really is.
If you do, and you ruin the surprise for Mel, I will hunt you down.

Then I moved on to the gift for crazybarefeet. I had gotten her a ginormous tub of honey for what should have been her Christmas present. I had no room in the house for it, put it in the garage (why? I have NO idea) and promptly forgot it existed. When I was cleaning I found it. Perfect timing!!!

The conundrum was, how to wrap such a gift. I figured it couldn't be done properly, so I would just include the container as part of the wrapping. I cut out a circle for the top and used old double sided window tape to attach it. Then I cut 3 strips of paper to wrap around the body of the container. It was not perfectly cylindrical, so there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. And cursing. Then, I cut the left over paper into thin strips and made curly things to attach individually to the top.

I think it turned out rather nicely. For a pail of liquid bee vomit.

I will leave you with the artsy picture of the decorated pail.
I am just like Martha that way.

I told you I was tired of packing.


  1. Dude, can I have some of those cookbooks?

  2. If there's one thing I hate more than packing, it's wrapping presents. Everything ends up looking like I wrapped using only my elbows.

  3. The cook books should be like new except for hauling them around for pillar to post for thirty years.

    Love the gift wrap. And 15 kg of honey is a great gift for CrazyBearFeet.

  4. I thought you meant ME when you said sister-in-law. I was very confused about it being your brother's house too. Hee hee.

  5. Wow. You're a lot more creative than I could have been in wrapping a pail of honey. I would have gone for the good old giftbag. Your way is much prettier.

  6. I need to be your friend, because I like presents AND honey.

    At first I misspelled honey and wrote "hiney" which was funnier but probably not appropriate.

  7. I love that I have a giant pail of honey. Even better, I love that both kids thought it was a perfect gift for me when I told them that MayB gave me a present of a giant pail-o-honey. Both kids have given me honey for gifts before and they even get excited if they find a kind of honey that I've never had, a feat that gets harder every year as my international honey experience expands.


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