Friday, June 19, 2009

Avert your eyes!!

The trip to visit my brother and his wife was fairly uneventful. Yes, it did rain on and off for most of the drive out there and back, but that was expected. It was expected despite the weather channel assuring us there was absolutely no way it could possibly rain at all on both days.

We had a great visit with my brother, his wife, and even my sister LynnieC was able to make it down for a night. I even got to reconnect with my cousin, Marvel who I hadn't seen since I was a little kid. It was fantastic!! We went out for lunch and gabbed like old friends.

Montel too had a wonderful time. What with new things to bark at and new grass to poop on. He actually did quite well. It was the longest car ride he has ever been on.

What we did discover about Monty is that he does not like rain. He's not uber terrified of the windshield washers like his mom is, but he has a distrust of rain on the windshield and was ocassionaly startled by the wipers going on. He became very antsy during the rain -- shifting and moving in the seat, trying to figure out where he could go to get away from it. In the end, he settled for sitting on my lap and turning his head to look over my back shoulder. I guess he figured if he can't see the rain it doesn't exist.

Apart from that, The Guy and I spent 3 1/2 whole days together. It was pretty remarkable as our schedules rarely tend to go that way. We had a great time. We ate lots, drank about 20 Cokes, watched some bad TV and gabbed a ton. My brother and his wife have a great little house and I am thrilled for them.


  1. I want to trade Monty for Pogo, please. At least for a little while, while Pogo's chubby imprint rises from the couch cushion.

  2. Glad you got to see Marvel.
    Monty Boy had the trip of his life, did he?
    I can hardly wait to see the kids' house.


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