Saturday, April 25, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 148 - Tired edition

This will not be graced. This will be my day in 5 points.
  1. I've had 12 hours of sleep in two days. Most days I get that in one.
  2. The Guy took Montel so I could get some sleep today. I slept 3 hours and then the Realtor called and needed to show my house in 20 minutes.
  3. I went over to The Guy's to sleep instead. He and his sister were moving stoves between houses. Each time they made a noise, Montel would jump off the bed, go see what they were doing, come back, jump back on the bed and land directly on me.
  4. I just heard the line "It's harder to sew up your own skin than I thought."
  5. My coworker is having to help me get through the night because I cannot complete a coherent thought.
  6. Thank God for spell check.
  7. That was 6 points.


  1. Hope you can sleep Sunday all day (except to take my papers to Keri).
    Also that your house gets a firm offer soon.

  2. And here I thought we were being SO quiet. Or as quiet as two people (one of them rather clumsy) can be while moving a stove down the stairs.


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