Monday, April 20, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 142

  1. Montel and I went for a long walk on a popular bike path today. He was off leash the whole time and didn't run off once. He was kind to cyclists, joggers, other dogs, and children. Today was a red letter day!
  2. Blossom was on an episode of Bones! Stephen Fry was on another one!
  3. My mouf is frozen. I wend to da dentift today. I emailed The Guy and told him my mouth was frozen up to my nose. He wants me to take pictures. That's not what I meant.
  4. Montel discovered his headless cat who was trapped outside all winter. Montel is thrilled and has been carrying her from room to room. When he's not playing with the gutted hippo, of course.
    Caught with his cat.
  5. Neighbour Baby took two steps today while Neighbour Lady and I were outside with her!
  6. Bonus: I finally figured out how to deal with the html problems I've had for the last 15 minutes. Huzzah! I do not have to scream profanities!!


  1. Oh sure, she walks when you're around...she won't even stand up if I'm around....

  2. I'm sorry! I was forcing her to stand (she goes so limp when she's being a brat) and then she dropped my necklace and tried to go get it!

  3. Montel has become another dog? Mine are so well behaved, too. What is going on?

    Babies always do most interesting things when their fathers are not around, Jason. Don't know why that is.


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