Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 136

  1. Tim Horton's blueberry muffins. I don't want to talk about how bad they are for me. I love them and you can't take them away from me. I looooooooove them.
  2. I got a pink hat. A friend wanted to take her boyfriend to the banquet tonight and I was going out to see some friends in Shellbrook. As payment for the banquet ticket, the boyfriend bought me a pink hat. I'm very excited. I like pink.
  3. I bought a pink T-shirt to go with the hat.
  4. Seeing "my buddy Dave" (as my mom used to call him) - a kid who used to work with my brother and is now a grown man with a business, a wife and an adorable baby girl. SO CUTE!!! (The baby, not Dave.)
  5. Silence, down time, warm baths, and a good book.


  1. That's not entirely true. Dave's pretty cute, too.

  2. That's true. He is. Especially now that he's pudgy.

  3. Hard to picture My Buddy Dave as a pillar of the community. Growing up is a scary thing.


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