Monday, March 02, 2009

Maddy Magooby

Madison asleep on a mat.

Madison came into my life in September of 2004. She had belonged to a friend of the family and needed a new home. Her owner told my Dad that Maddy was 'just like Bron". Then I met Madison and was a little confused by that comment. She was hyper! She played ball without tiring for almost an hour. However, she also was neurotic and tense and couldn't relax. So maybe the woman wasn't too far off. She was fuzzy and hilarious. I brought her home almost immediately.

Maddy in her little bed.

She came to me a few months after my mother had died. I needed something to keep me busy. Madison was a good outlet for that. I had a purpose. I do well with a purpose. I had to walk every day, I had to remember to feed her, and I had to play with her. She was incredibly affectionate and a ton of fun.

Madison's first hair cut. And kerchief.

When Maddy came to me, she was shaggy and curly. I knew she usually got her hair cut a few times a year. The first time I took her to get a haircut, I dropped her off at the dog groomer and waited. When I went to pick her up, I didn't even recognize her. She looked thrilled to see me and all I could do was laugh. She was hysterical looking. My lovely shaggy dog had become the skinniest, scrawniest looking mutt. All I could think was that I was glad I'd fallen in love with her before the haircut.

Lounging Madison.

Madison has been with me for four years. I am convinced I am one of few people who appreciate her oddities. And maybe it's her complete neurosis that makes me love her. She is pointy and yippy and jumpy and tense. She is completely loving and bizarre and has major mental health issues. And she came exactly when I needed her to come.

This weekend, Madison went for a trial run to live with The Guy's sister. Things are going well with them and it might become a permanent arrangement. I am thrilled for them both. Madison has not liked living in a many dog household. The Guy's sister will enjoy the company too, I think. I will miss Maddy, but I know I will get to visit and babysit often, so that's a bonus.

I have a firm belief that angels come in many forms. This one came in the shape of an anxiety-ridden scrawny little white cocker-poodle with OCD.


  1. What a delightful tribute to a wonderful creature of God! Sounds like she's going to be in good hands after she leaves you. too. Good news all around.

  2. She was one of a kind. As are you. She was like you except yippy-er. Hah! Love you, my daughter.

  3. Maddy really is extraordinarily pointy.

  4. This is how you know you're in love with a person.


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