Sunday, March 15, 2009


I woke up the morning after night shift ended on Saturday slightly groggy. I put my hand to my head and noticed a large bump on my forehead. I had no idea what happened. Later on, I mentioned to The Guy that I had it and didn't know where it came from. He laughed and said I must have hit it on something. Then I remembered.

Late Friday night, we went out to do a simple transport of someone from one house to another. We had to go into the house to wait for the person to get ready. However, there was a big, honking dog. The young man introduced us to her slowly and assured us that she would be friendly if we were slow moving and easy. We also weren't supposed to put our hands out directly toward the dog, or she would take our arms off.

While we waited, things were okay. She would come up and lick our hands on occasion and wander about wagging her tail. She was a big dog -- part Rottweiler, part Shepherd, part Pit bull. I wasn't too worried, I like dogs and they usually take to me. Finally, the young man was almost ready to go. Then, he remembered something at the last minute and ran out of the room. Suddenly, the dog was no longer my friend.

Her face contorted, her teeth were bared, and a snarl came from deep within her body. My coworker was making her way out the door unknowing what was about to happen. The dog jumped toward me as I reached for the door handle. I jumped, shrieked, and slammed the door. While I was still IN it. The door hit me square in the head before I could get out of the way and slam it closed. I was terrified, but not caught by those very sharp teeth. No harm, no foul.

The young man shot to the door and asked what happened. I explained, but told him she hadn't hurt me. He was embarrassed and apologetic, but I was unscathed.

Except of course for the injury I inflicted on myself.


  1. Self-inflicted injuries are the most painful, especially in the re-telling.

    Glad you're OK (more or less).

    To be obvious, perhaps; in the future, watch out for doors. They're down right dangerous.

  2. Screw doors, watch out for dogs. As soon as I heard she's harmless as long as you make no sudden movements, you know, like breathing I would have been out of there.
    I know you're a dog lover, but you can't love them all. Some are downright awful.
    Glad you're okay.


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