Saturday, March 07, 2009

Days of Grace: Day 97

  1. Madison is officially not my dog any longer. Her new Mom, my soon to be SiL, Kelly called today to verify she is keeping Madison forever. Despite Madison joining her in the bathtub and making her move the couch to find crumbs that might have fallen, Kelly has found a friend.
  2. Pepperoni and mushroom pizza from The Copper Kettle. Expensive, but mmmm so good.
  3. Hot chocolate with whip cream.
  4. Watching my chiropractor curl with Team Saskatchewan at the Tim Horton's Briar on TV. It's surreal. I wish they had been able to win, but they did very well.
  5. Now that I am down to one dog, I am sleeping better and waking up earlier. It's weird, but good.


  1. I am glad the dogs are sorted out. They are angels in disguise, arriving when we need them and moving on when their work is finished. If dogs don't go to Heaven, I want to go where dogs go. I think mark Twain said that but have not confirmed.

  2. What have I gotten myself into? Last night, she woke up, came and bit me on the nose, and then went back to the foot of the bed and went back to snoring away. Turkey.

    My word today is "blerf" which is exactly the noise I made with a cockapoo attached to my schnoz.

  3. I'm glad things are worked out now, that's great.

    And now I have to go take care of my hot chocolate jones that you're responsible for.

  4. I'm so glad that things are working out for the dogs! Kelly is a saint.

    By the way, Chris thinks it's really cool that your chiropractor is on Team Saskatchewan.

  5. That may be the first and last time anyone has called me a saint. . . lol!

  6. I think team SK lost because their uniform is so ugly. He's handsome, but even he can't make that look good.

  7. Good news about Madison. Also, good way to cement a family relationship. Although biting a new mistress on the nose is not good form. Perhaps Madison is simply asserting her authority, to remind Kelly who's in charge in the household. As if Kelly didn't understand the situation.

    Question: If your chiropractor mangles his back when he's curling, where does he go for help? (I know, I always ask tough questions.)

  8. P.S.: On a more somber note: if Vicki and Madison are both gone, do you sill have a "plethora" of puppies? Or are you not worried about false advertising?


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