Sunday, February 22, 2009

A vacation tale in pictures

I'm back. I had a good time, but am glad I'm home. I'm tired. I have a few days before I have to go to work which is good because apparently I am heading into a crap storm. Sigh.

We walked to a cove. There were rocks.

Vicki likes rocks.

I was pensive. And so I took a picture.

We went to a grove. There were trees. Lots of trees.

I like trees.

This picture pretty much explains our weekend. Lots of silliness.
If there was also food and a fart cloud in the shot, it would be complete.

Regularly scheduled posting should resume tomorrow. For now, I am starting to watch all the TV I've recorded for the week.


  1. Glad you are home safe. I didn't know which picture to put as background on my screen, you or Vicki. Settled for you.
    Love and hugs

  2. I love that last picture. It's such a great portrayal of sisters!

  3. Except that I look like I'm about to crack open a can of beer with my front teeth.

    Sigh. Classy.


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