Friday, February 27, 2009

Side notes

During a report today, I went to write "she racked up a great deal of..." However, I stumbled. For the life of me, I could not remember how to spell "racked". Is it with a "w" or without?? I thought and wrote both options and could not figure it out. So, I changed the sentence. To "she accrued a great deal of..."

Yes, I could spell accrue, but not rack.


After a meeting, my friend and I were chatting about suggested changes to the maternity leave clause of our contact. I was explaining to her that our salaries would be topped up for 15 weeks of the 52 we are getting Employment Insurance. We plan to try for 26.

I said "So we're going for 26 months top up". No, she assured me, it wasn't 26 months.

"Right, don't know what I'm thinking. Sorry. So, with the top up for 26 years, it should be really easy to..." No, not years. Unless that is the greatest maternity leave ever.

"Months." No. "Crap." I stopped and thought about the word I meant to say. I sounded it out in my head and knew what I meant. For sure I would get it right now so I could explain myself clearly.

"26 months." Dammit.

Maybe I shouldn't be on the bargaining committee.


  1. this post entertained me and I thought you should know that I feel your pain... and laugh at it, too! love you :)

  2. No, you should be on the bargaining committee. I see you as a person of integrity, like your dad.

    So, don't let people mess with you. If they do, and you can't handle them, send them my way. After they've been mauled by the bear, they'll reconsider their positions.

    That way, you'll "rack" up "points" with your collaegues.

    Pls. trust the bear; I know how to sepll.

  3. You are being featured on Five Star Friday!

  4. Ooh! Thanks to whoever did that!!


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