Saturday, February 14, 2009

Canine trepidation

Tonight is my last night with all my puppies. This is the last night all four of us will climb into this queen sized bed to volley for prime sleeping position and a fair share of the blankets. I should likely be spending more time soaking it in, trapping the memories like fireflies to keep in a jar.

Tomorrow, Vicki and I get on a plane to head out to BC. I will be home in a week. Vicki will not. That sounds terribly ominous, doesn't it? She won't be dead or anything. I just won't have her with me anymore. My littlest baby is leaving to go live with Ky on the island. She's going to be a granola and Birkenstock dog.

This will be a great thing for Ky. She will no longer attempt to kill herself via cat. She will have a little furry creature of her own. This will be a great improvement. Ky will have something to make her go out of the house now and again for exercise and she will have someone to cuddle with at night that isn't going to make her eyeballs explode.

I will return home to only two dogs. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself. Then, the following weekend, Madison will go spend a few days with The Guy's sister. Kelly will be testing things out to see if a neurotic, near sighted dog is just what she needs. I think it will be spectacular for both of them. Madison needs the one on one and Kelly is a good candidate. Also, she doesn't seem to mind crazy. She did grow up with The Guy.

And then there will be one. Good old Montel. Tries so hard he hurts himself Montel. It will be just him and me. I will enroll him in agility classes (he LOVES to follow directions AND jump over things) and take him for long walks where I am not juggling two other leashes. This will be very good for him. He thrives on attention. With no other distractions, he should have that in spades. And, we're hoping that with only one dog, The Guy's allergies will be more under control. But seriously. I will have ONE dog.

A big change is coming . The dogs don't seem to notice. One is snuggled under the covers snoring as only a 9 lb dog can. Another is furiously eating a raw hide. The last is curled up on my pillow with no idea that his sister is leaving tomorrow.


  1. so you know I'm not a dog person... but you just make them sound so sweet - I am almost missing them for you!!! The nice part is, they are going to places where you'll see them again... it's not like giving them away to strangers or anything! And personally, I'm glad you are choosing the Guy over the dogs... even if they are like people, I'm thinking you made the right decision! :)

    love you ~

  2. Essentially, Maddy and I would be chubby spinsters together. Very good!

  3. Best get Maddy checked for cataracts. It is a poodle thing. Montel will miss having someone to play with all the time.

  4. I'm so sad, but at the same time they are going to such good homes - and you still get to keep up with them. So it's not all bad.

    Have a safe trip.

  5. Aw, that's sad. But it also sounds good. Good decisions all around.

  6. Awww I feel so sad for you, and also so happy. One dog will make life so much easier to handle...said the lady with three dogs and three cats.


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