Friday, January 02, 2009

Now that's excited

The last three weeks, it has been nothing but frigidly cold with winds making it frigingly colder. The dogs have been home bound but for quick, forced bathroom breaks.

One particularly cold night, Madison did not want to go out at all. She hadn't been out in hours, but would just try to scratch her way into the house again if we put her out.

Trying to get rid of some excess energy, we played ball with the dogs down Grandma's long hallway. The dogs were thrilled to have something to do. We played and played with Montel and Madison trading back and forth who would catch the ball and who would bring it back.

Madison was getting more and more excited with each toss down the hall. Finally, I lobbed a ball up in the air. Madison jumped up into the air, twisted and turned her body, snatched the ball from the air, and pooped on the floor.

I think Madison was more surprised than anyone.


  1. you know, I'm not a dog person, nor am I a body humour person, but this post has had me laughing for a while now!!! I have reread it twice! :) Thank you for making these topics enjoyable for me! and I hate that we didn't say goodbyes... :( miss you already!

  2. Man, I HATE when that happens!!


  3. Heck, I was THERE and that story made me laugh out loud. Well played.


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