Monday, January 12, 2009


The blades of grass scarcely moved as she slid through them towards her intended target. She knew her purpose, her mission, and never hesitated to fulfill it. She did not stalk her prey or storm towards the mark, but slowly prowled. One foot then the other, a slow and silent deadly dance.

She steadily approached, though made no ripple in the grass to show her location. She had done this many times before and did not even have to spare a thought for it. Watch the location of the prey, ensure the prey does not take notice, glide towards the prey quickly and efficiently, take the prey down.

Before the animal knew there was a change in the air, she had made her move. Deadly, straight for the throat. She heard a gasp and, giving her head a quick shake, a crack, ensuring the other creature's demise. Another successful hunt.

Dropping her prey to the ground, she prepared to feast. Her hunger had not reached a point of desperation, however she knew it was time. She needed to feed regularly to keep up her strength, and also because her body knew no differently. She hunted, fed, slept, and lounged all with the same innate skill and knowledge. It was what she was.

Behind her, she heard a small mewl. Abruptly, she swung around -- instantly aware and on guard. Ready to protect herself and her newly acquired lunch, she stiffened. And saw.

There, in the grass, sat the child of this animal she slew. A young, defenseless one whose only hope in this world -- protector, guardian, provider -- was taken away. There was no choice. This orphan was of her making and she had to deal with what she had created. She went towards the baby without hurry, knowing what she had to do.

The babe trembled at her approach, not fully understanding what had happened or what was about to. The hunter, the one who slew the mother, came to where the little one sat.

Gently, gracefully and quietly, she lay down and offered the babe herself. Her warmth and milk were all she had to make right her actions. Her own meal now forgotten, she gave herself to the care of the newborn knowing she owed the babe that much. The little creature moved towards the hunter and gently nestled in beside.

**Inspired by this video (about half way through). Written just to see if I could.


  1. Bronwein, if you keep this up I MUST stop coming here! WTF!!! It's 9am on a Monday morning and I had to stiffen up to keep your story from killing me. DAMN!!! Put that in the hands of a publisher and I guarantee you a position in the best seller list. BUT YOU'RE KILLIN' ME!!! Waaaaaaaaaaa!

  2. That is the clip that caught me off guard too. How was it that someone was there to film it? We certainly have a lot to learn about what goes on inside animal's heads. I read somewhere about a lioness that adopted baby gazells (I think) and kept other lions from them. She let them go back to their real mothers to nurse but otherwise mothered them.

  3. Wow. Well done.

    You've got writing skills.

  4. Very well done. You've got some mad writing skillz. I guess I basically just said what the guy above me did but mine was a bit more street.

  5. Beautifully done - apparently you can.

  6. Thank you all. That creatures are so willing to go against what we assume is their instinct to kill the enemy and take care of the ones who needed it spoke to me. I got sappy.

  7. PS. Notquiteawake, you are all about street. I've always said that.

  8. It comes from hanging out with me. The streetness. Or the streetnezz, as we say on the street.


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