Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Since the pups were born, each dog has had their own bowl for food. Their bowls match their collars. Montel's is red. Vicki's is blue. Madison's is silver... but her collar is pink. Anyway, they all know to eat from their own bowl. It's been ingrained in them since the beginning. I thought we had it all worked out.

A few weeks ago, we went to visit Grandma. Her dog, Davy started eating out of every one's bowls. Each of them decided this was the way to go. Vicki eats from Madison's bowl, Montel eats from Vicki's and Madison now eats out of every one's. Except her own.

It's anarchy!!! Now I'm having to police them again and make sure they each eat their own. They have to eat their own food to avoid getting too much or not enough. However, because they are not exercising enough (the weather is too cold) none of them are hungry. Which means I'm catching them all snacking throughout the day.

My day has become a constant vigil against bowl trespassing. I am a constant bundle of nerves, ready to shout "Hey!" or nonsensical guttural noises that stop the dogs in their tracks to look at me with guilt. I am the Watcher of the Bowls.

I'm about ready to give up and let them all get fat.


  1. Nothing like a bad example to mess with the smooth workings of the animal kingdom. When ever we go away and someone else feeds the cats it takes weeks for every-kitty to get back to the right bowl and spot (well except for Bert, but he's a very well mannered cat)!

  2. Trying but failing to work up a comment about your dogs having a bowl movement.

  3. We have two food bowls, and three cats. Lula the Waddling Wonder eats the most (she darts into the bathroom (where the food bowls are) every time one of us go into the john - it's to the point where if she didn't sleep on C's bed at night I'm not sure she'd leave) followed by my big boy kitty (who is incredulous that Lula blew up like that) and the third cat, Kate. Kate is our resident Lady. She never eats anything in front of ANYONE.

    A HUGE long tangent to say that if we had three bowls, Lula would eat them all. If you start noticing that you have one doggie quickly becoming marshmallow shape?

    He might have Lucy syndrome.


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