Sunday, January 04, 2009

Book Arts and Crafts

In a house where books are sacred, this article both intrigued me and appalled me.

There is a video of a very straight guy making a teeny purse out of a Sci-Fi novel. There is a really cool idea for a photo frame and -- Holy Frickin' Cool, Batman -- a scene from a book in a book. Then there is this piece which I don't even know how to describe.

While some of the things are beautiful and amazing and gave me all sorts of ideas, part of my heart is broken at all the books that have been destroyed here. Mind you, if they were those old Reader's Digest compilations, I could accept it a bit easier. Seriously, I can't even throw out books I bought for a quarter at a garage sale.


  1. Very cool. Oddly enough, though, the ones that hurt my heart the most were the wristbands and the photo stands. Those just seemed so much more destructive than the rest.

  2. How can anyone destroy a book to make something "crafty"? I hope they are shackled in Hell to Martha Stewart.

  3. Your brother06/01/2009, 18:46

    Dad and Bron , you would have had a %$@* fit to see me throw out an entire box of books this year. In my own defence thought, it was so no one else could ever read the pieces of junk.


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