Thursday, December 25, 2008

You can sit down now

My brother and his wife arrived last night really late. Or, early this morning. Today, we were discussing the engagement and any wedding plans in the works.

A short time later, I said to my brother "So, will you stand up for me?" He stared at me in disbelief and with a confused look on his face, he asked "Why?"

I couldn't figure it out. I thought he would be a little more enthused about the request. Trying to play it cool, I said "Because I want you to."

He continued to look confused for quite some time. After a lengthy pause, he sighed deeply and slowly rose to his feet.

I had to laugh and explain I wanted him to stand up for me at the wedding. To be fair to him, no one else in the room could figure out why I wanted him off the couch.


  1. Bahaha. Thank your brother for making me laugh. So when you explained the wedding part did he respond a bit more like you expected?

  2. That is a laugh out loud story. I didn't realize G was a blonde!!!


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