Sunday, December 21, 2008

My last Christmas... tree

Since this is the last year I can have a real Christmas tree, I thought I would make it a good one. I put a table up by the front window and convinced the girls that it was time to buy our tree. By this time, it was already the 19th, so I figured it was now or never.

We went to the local place that is set up every year by the Wal-Mart. It's where we always buy our trees. Tradition, you know?

We wandered the lot waiting for the attendant. There were a few 6 footers I knew wouldn't fit in the living room and a few that just weren't the right trees. I was looking for an old school Charlie Brown tree.

Finally the attendant came out. It was Barry! A guy I know through work at another agency. He was on holidays working at the tree place. I explained my predicament -- my last Christmas tree. While he suggested finding a new fiancee, I explained the problem -- I'm rather fond of him and it took me sometime to find him.

Barry led me over to the Charlie Brown trees. There were two teeny little ones left buried in the snow. Awesome. He lifted it to cut the bottom off and dumped a ton of snow on my head. No harm no foul, but Lyn thought it was pretty funny. He told me he would give us a deal and I could have the tree for a cool twenty. Lyn said she'd have paid full price just to have him cover me in snow.

We brought it home and set it up. Tonight, we decorated it. There are needles all over the floor. The water is not getting sucked up at all. And it's starting to die.

Maybe the fake tree won't be such a bad thing.

**Edit: picture of our tree**


  1. A true family tree and fitting as your last real tree. Does this mean the Guy is banned from the house until after Christmas?

  2. This is our first year with an artificial tree and I actually love it. It looks really beautiful and natural!


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