Sunday, December 21, 2008

Homemade gifts

I had an idea this year, because I am broke, I would try to make (and/or steal) every present I wanted to give away. I started thinking up ideas and finally decided on one for crazybarefeet. I was going to make her a wall hanging thingy with her and her children's initials.

I've been working on the idea for months. Finally, this Friday I was able to give it to her. I told her to get her tears ready because (I know her too well) she was so gonna cry when she saw this. I've been wanting to put the pictures up for ages to brag, but didn't want to spoil the surprise.

This is the material I settled on. One colour for each person. All in harmony, but each very different. On all of them, I put three lines of quilting. A metaphor for their family of three. Subtle, right?

I picked sparkly, shimmery material for KB. She's a sparkly, shimmery kind of woman. I chose to quilt three lines across the square and then hand stitched the letters in. I picked different font for each person. Again, what I felt matched their personalities.

This one is for her son, A. He's a smart guy with a mind that goes from the practical to the creative. I figured the three lines of different angles suited him well.

This is for her daughter. She's a family girl, so I made her quilting come from a stem of family and branch into the three. The purple is a dress I bought years ago and then never wore because it was uber short. Like Las Vegas hooker short. What can I say? In Florida it looked a lot more modest.

This is the final product. A silvery grey material made the back and border. I made a thing to put a dowel through the top so it can be hung. The picture is blurry but only because I couldn't make it bigger without that happening. Unless I used the original picture, but that shows a lot of mess in my kitchen.

I was very pleased with the final product. However, I'm glad it isn't hanging in my house, because every time I look at it I spot a new flaw. Eventually I would have had to take it down and shred it with a knife in a fit of rage. I think this way is best for everyone.

P.S. Did you notice their initials are KBAM! It makes me happy every time.


  1. Very beautiful. I wish I had talent.
    So did she cry or what?

  2. Very lovely, Bron. KB will love it forever. Your artistic talent was put to good use. Symbolism and all.

  3. Amazing. How many tissues did she go through?

    Before I got to the ps. I was thinking wow that thing says kbam and looks a little like something from the 60's Batman...I mean that in a good way, I swear.

  4. I had also just said "KBAM!" just before I read that you noticed it too.

    That is gorgeous, Bronwyn. And so thoughtful.

  5. Every friggin' thing I make, I mentally pick it apart to the point where, by the time I give it or send it, I've already convinced the recipient that they're getting a piece of crap.

  6. Well. Now I'm crying all over again! For everyone that has read this - trust me, it is even more awesome in person! May.B, you are seriously sweet (oooh, you're gonna hate being called sweet, but you are) and talented! Can I show this particular post to my babies?


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