Friday, December 19, 2008

My kind of gift

Tonight, I took The Guy home after his annual Christmas party with all his friends at the local pub. As I was leaving, he said he had something for me. I thought, "Seriously, if he got me another gift, so help me, I will shoot him."

He came out with a sheepish look on his face. "Actually, it's from my Mom." He walked down the stairs with his hands full of something I couldn't make out. Then he showed them to me.

A stack of bridal magazines.

I laughed my head off. And here I thought it was too soon to start planning, so I've been keeping a lot of it to myself. His mother disagrees and I couldn't agree more. I'm just a planning kind of girl.


  1. If you can plan a funeral in a week, you can plan a wedding in a week. Same ingredients. Church, Minister, congregation, flowers, music, food, people saying nice things. Difference is more than one person at the front of the church and no drive to the cemetary after. Oh, yes and you sign your own legal certificates.

  2. What your Dad's saying is that the only food you need at your wedding is egg salad sandwiches. A big pile of egg salad sandwiches.

  3. What a wonderful MIL you're going to have!

  4. prairie nymph20/12/2008, 22:03

    when i tried to plan our wedding, i planned it like a funeral, and kept referring to it as a funeral. dad and mother-in-law stepped in. that is why we had beef instead of egg salad.

  5. I thought it was going to be a dog.


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