Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gift horse in the mouth

I bought the dogs a couple of early Christmas presents. They have no concept of celebrating a holiday or anything like that. They just know "Fun. Now."

I bought Madison a set of 3 squeaky tennis balls. This will keep her busy for a long time as long as she doesn't send them over the fence or lose them down the air vents.

Vicki got a giant crinkle fish. It's open mouth invites you to climb in and friskily bat at the crinkle paper surrounding you. Vicki took one look at it and started shaking. Montel has pawed at it once or twice, but it hasn't really caught on. I'm hoping they warm up to it. Or I will just take it back. Tell them I got the wrong size or something.

Montel's gift was a no brainer. He loves things that squeak. Especially if they are stuffed and shaped like creatures of some kind. So, I bought him a purple hippo with a squeaky tummy and long limbs. It was $4, so I wasn't expecting longevity but I hoped he would enjoy himself for awhile.

It took 10 minutes for the hippo to lose his life. Montel found the source of the squeaking and ripped that bastard out of the hippo's chest as quick as he could. He then pulled out as much of the stuffing as he could and ripped the arms and legs off. Here is the carnage. Ten minutes.

At least it wasn't wasted. I'm pretty sure he got his entire $4 worth of fun. I will have this carcass dragged around my house for a couple of years. He just wants to make sure it's got nothing inside of it that's going to surprise him.


  1. Baby neighbour isn't allowed to come over any more.

  2. Best four dollars ever spent.

  3. "Ripped that bastard out of the hippo's chest as fast as he could". I love your dog posts.

  4. Looks just like my cat with a new catnip toy. I swear they never last more than an hour, but it's an hour's worth of better entertainment then you could ever find on TV.

  5. Jason: As long as she doesn't squeak when he bites her stomach, she's fine!

    Sherendipity: That was my thought. He had a good time.

    NQA: I did it all for you. Enjoy.

    GP: The look of determination on his face while he rips open the seems is highly entertaining.


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