Monday, December 08, 2008

Day of Grace: Day 8

I had to wait to write this until I got home from work. I was too grouchy there to find anything to be grateful for while I was there. Since I got home, there are many more things I can find.

  1. My baby neighbour brought her mother over tonight to visit for a bit. She thinks the dogs are highly amusing but possibly aliens. She said her first word the other week and it was "dogs". I like to think they've made that kind of impression on her.
  2. Everytime I give my Scottie doll to my baby neighbour to play with she puts her face up to the fur and holds it there gently.
  3. Grandma called tonight to tell me she's sent our Christmas money. She told me she put the cheque in my name and warned me not to cash it and run off to Mexico. Last year she sent us $20 each and warned me not to spend it on bubble gum. When she's not being horrifically mean to Lyn, she's pretty darn sweet.
  4. I may have someone who wants the dilapitated fridge in the basement. And they will take it out!! For free!!
  5. I am working tomorrow with someone I like. That will be much different than today.

I am participating in NaBloPoMo for December. Of course, I like reading my own brilliance, so may continue this trend all year. Oh wait... that's only for December.

I am saying GO AWAY to negativity by being part of 365 Days of Grace in the Small Things. Boo negative!


  1. I love baby neighbour!! I can't believe her first word was dogs. They really do make an impression on the neighbours, don't they? They taught baby how to say dog, and they taught toddler on the other side to say "woof, woof". Be proud.

  2. Really her first word was dada, but we're not counting it because she stubbornly refuses to look at me when she says it. Everything else in the house is called dada, just not the fat guy laying on the futon.

  3. I think your first word was dog or the name of our dog. You have all the baby stuff. Look it up. Its in the book.

  4. You should definitely be grateful for your grandmother's advice. Cashing that check and running off to Mexico with $20 would have been a serious mistake. They have pick-pockets there, you know.



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