Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside

I know people in our fair province talk about weather all the time. But when you live here, it takes over. The weather in Saskatchewan is like a significant other, or an ever present family member.

Of course, this is a person you don't like all the time. One who some times is the greatest friend ever, but who most likely will ruin whatever plans you have without warning. One who's constantly changing things on you. Making plans and changing them, good mood then bad mood.

And so, for us, weather is a topic of interest. Like today. After temperatures just above freezing for weeks, we thought we had finally tempered the beast. Some of us thought we might get through the winter without too much trouble. That's when Saskatchewan weather gets it's kicks.

Within 8 hours, we'd gone from a gentle cool breeze and slightly colder temperatures to *WHAM* "don't-leave-the-house-because-the-car-won't-start-and-even-if-it-does-it-won't-drive" C-O-L-D.

I often wonder why my ancestors decided to settle here. The closest I can figure is that they came in June, found some land, built a house, and then it snowed and they realized they couldn't get out. It's the only thing that makes sense.

It is currently -30 Celsius (-22 F). Not so bad, right? Oh, that's not all. It is actually that temp. But it feels like -43 C (-45 F). Seriously. How can it do that to us? No wonder we feel the need to say "IT IS SO COLD". It is. THAT COLD.

Here's an example. Below is a picture (albeit a poor one) of the dogs getting ready to go for a walk. At this point they haven't been outside for 2 days. So, I bundled them up (two jackets for Vicki, one each for the others), bundled myself up, and went outside.

Less than a block later, Maddy needed to be picked up because her feet were too cold. Half a block later, I could put her down, but Vicki needed up. Half a block after that, both Montel and Madison wanted up so we headed back. We hardly made it. Montel was rotating through which leg he would keep in the air every few steps. We made it to the door and all three were shaking. They glared at me as if to say "WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO US?"

The answer is easy. I hate them.


  1. Ow! ow! Sounds painful. It makes my extremities tingle just thinking about it.

    As for the dogs, my first thought was: quilted-insulated-thermal dog booties! With sock warmer inserts. And maybe make/find an extra pair for yourself while you're at it. Mm, foot warmers.

  2. I think she tried that. The first thing they do, like little kids is sit down and take them off.


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