Monday, November 03, 2008

Scented Sense

I have a system when it comes to poop bags. I am a conscientious citizen. I don't like to leave my dogs bizness all over the neighbourhood. So, I carry at least 3 bags with me at all times. (And I mean all times. My second date with The Guy I put my hand in my pocket and accidentally pulled out 2 bags. Classy!)

My system is this: I use plastic bags from the grocery store. I check each one of them for holes (for obvious reasons) and store them away for later use. Once I've used them all up, I buy a bag of disposable poop bags to give me time to replenish the stock. It's a simple plan, but effective.

Once, I accidentally bought chocolate scented poop bags. It was highly disturbing, but we got though it alright. Until this time. I went with a brand at the local feed store where I bought dog food. That night, I opened them up and was overpowered with a new scent.

Baby powder. That is right. Baby powder poop bags.

Now, I'm confused where this is coming from. I understand poop smells bad. That's what it does. I understand the feeling that you need to cover up that scent. However. Baby powder? Really? Where does the thought process come from in this case?

I'm out walking the dogs and one makes a "big job". I, being dutiful and respectful, grab a bag and proceed to clean up. But what is this pleasant scent? Baby powder? Indeed!! I am confused. I must not be picking up poop, but pleasant little babies! Warm, brown, soft babies. Let me dance with joy as I glory in the wonderful goodness that is the smell of clean babies.

Too much?

I am participating in NaBloPoMo for November. Why? I feel the need to punish us both.


  1. "Warm, brown, soft babies" - you crack me up (and scare me a bit ;-). Glad it was better for you!

  2. at least you didn't want to eat it...


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