Monday, November 17, 2008


I got home late from work today and had the sudden urge to start about 47 projects in my house that I had been planning to do for ages. It always happens this way for me. I am most productive after 8pm. It's just how I roll. I can work like a horse from 8pm - midnight and be more productive than most people are all day.

The only problem is when I get like this I have no focus. I decided to do many things simultaneous. I'm like a kid with ADD on speed.

I started to rearrange my dressing room. I moved a bookshelf which led to moving the couch which meant I had to move the dresser. But I didn't like the way the spare mattress was (I had hidden it behind the couch) so I took it downstairs.

When I got downstairs I looked through some boxes. Then, I remembered a box of material in the garage and started looking for material to suit another project I've been working on plans for all week. Then I stapled four pieces of plastic (non-slip doormats) to the front steps. Then I decided I needed to store things. In boxes! I grabbed a couple of plastic bins from the garage and decided they were too ugly to leave out on their own. Thus, yet another project was born.

I took some of the material I had found and started winding it through the baskets. Since it was the only project I actually finished tonight, I thought I would show you.

You can see Madison sidling up for a closer look. She couldn't figure out what I was doing.

And here are the final versions. The picture is really dark. I have no idea why. I plan to use these baskets for all my sewing supplies. The shelf below will hold my machine and some books. It should be pretty handy.

Of course, I will likely finish that project sometime in 2045. I will let you know how it goes.

I am participating in NaBloPoMo. But, I am cheating. This post is after midnight so it counts as a post from Monday. So, I can go all Monday and not have to be responsible for a single other post. Ha!!! I outwitted you!!!


  1. The baskets look great.
    It's a good thing you and I aren't housemates...we'd have a house full of un-dones, and nothing to show for it except good intentions.

  2. You managed to turn some pretty run-of-the-mill plastic baskets into decent looking storage. I'm impressed.

  3. I identify with you so much that it made me a bit ill. NO ONE has EVER understood my compunction for doing housework and ironing AT NIGHT. I have more energy. During the day, I poop out. At night, it doesn't bother me at all!!

    Also, I will start many projects and move, room by room, onto something else that catches my eye, then, several hours later, when I walk into the first room, where I started, I am amazed to see the wreck that I left it in...arghhh

    It never ceases to surprise me.

  4. I hate you. all day I've been waiting for today's post, but now I see that you cheated. BOOO!


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