Friday, November 28, 2008

One wave at a time

And I don't mean the middle finger.

I have decided to change the world. No small task, you might say. True, but I think I'm up for it. A lesser person may not be.

I have decided to make the world a better place by waving.

When someone lets me in front of them on the road, I'm going to wave. Even when they don't and I just speed up to pass them, I will wave. I will wave when people don't try and run me over when I'm crossing the street. Even at a crosswalk. With lights! I will be a waving machine.

I will have different levels of waving. The excited "Thank you so much for being you!!" wave. The "Thanks for thinking of me" wave. And the basic "Thanks for not being a dick" wave. This wave will be for people who -- while not making an effort to be kind or go out of their way -- have not gone out of their way to be jerks.

I think this idea will really spread. Soon, people will not be acting like tools just in case that "cool girl who waves" decides to pay attention to them. The city will be a better place. Nay, not the city alone but the world.

Get ready. It's coming your way.


  1. I do that here in Ukraine. It amuses Tanya as NO ONE ever says thanks for letting me into the lane etc. You have the right idea!! Of course, I have a different wave for those who honk at me the nanosecond the light turns green. I never said I was Pollyanna

  2. I always wave, even at things that I shouldn't (crossing at a 3 or 4 way stop).

    I got it from my Dad.

  3. I do this too! Even at people who were assholes to me, because I want them to see me smile at them even as they have to know that I know they were being assholes!

    It all started when I had a Jeep Wrangler, and I found out that EVERYONE in Jeep Wranglers wave to each other - NO FOR REASON - as they pass. It kind of grew from there.

    I love it - keep it growing!

  4. I wave often.
    The crosswalking, with lights, right of way wave might make people think you're a nutbar, but hey, go for it. Oh, and take video.

  5. I wave too, but we need a signal for "Oh. My bad - I f#cked up there." (You know, when you accidentally cut somebody off). Because waving under those circumstances only enrages.


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