Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just another day

Tonight, I called Vicki over to me.

Vicki, what's on your head? Is that peanut butter? [swipe the stuff off her head] How did you get peanut butter on your head?

[sniff] Ohmigawd. That's poop!!! How did you get poop on your head???? [Rush to the bathroom] Who's poop is on your head?

I dunk her under the tap, wipe the poop off her head, and search the other's bums for fresh poop.

There was no poop. I sill don't know where it was from.


  1. Thank God you only sniffed it, and didn't lick it, thinking it was peanut butter.

  2. Peanut butter?!? I'm gagging thinking about this. lol

  3. I'm still confused as to how peanut butter could be confused with poo.

  4. Clearly Vicki ate the evidence.

  5. Sherendipity: That thought is the only thing getting me through this.

    Joe: Are you more freaked out about the peanut butter or the poop?

    Mandy Lou: I had given the dogs PB earlier. And their poop tends to be the same colour, so... But I wasn't confused by the smell.

    Lyn: Actually, I think she rolled in it. She smells really bad.


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