Tuesday, November 04, 2008

89 x 365: Grandma L

Family know her as Grandma. Other's know of her as Auntie Bea. Some of you know her from crazy Grandma stories. She is all of the above.

Grandma L is the smallest person I know. She comes in around 5 feet and might weigh 80 lbs in work boots. Grandma is doggedly determined and stubborn. She is independant and sturdy. She's tough as nails and works like an ox. She is the cheapest (most frugal, practical) person I've ever known and also the most giving. She has spent her entire life giving to others, serving others, taking care of others. And, at almost 89 years old, she hasn't given that up.


  1. She also loves to shove food down your throat and then tell you how fat you are! Heartwarming!

    Note to all people in the world: Fat people know they're fat. Stop telling us. Believe it or not, you're not helping

  2. Grandma burns are the worst of all.


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