Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She's a bit twitchy, but that's normal

I came home after a long night shift to find one of the dogs has eaten an entire FULL bottle of my happy pills. She isn't dead yet, but I have to admit I'm a bit freaked out. Not to mention bothered that she ate a $50 bottle of pills, cap and all. I now have 5 hours to sleep before a meeting at work and I'm a little "worked up" if you will pardon the pun.

Madison is roaming and sniffing and scratching and pacing. I can't tell if it's just her normal behaviour of if she's ODing.

I have been considering what it would be like to have less dogs, but this is NOT the way I wanted to have it work out.


  1. Ugh...sorry to hear that. I hope she's okay.

    And losing $50 of pills doesn't make it any better.


  2. How can she not be dead? fifty pills would kill a person, let alone a little wee dog. Maybe they shared them?

  3. I do hope she's okay! Ha, at least she should be very happy for awhile!

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  5. dude, i would call the vet. an entire bottle of those things would send a human to the emergency department, so it can't be good for a 15 pound dog.

  6. Yeah, that just can't be good - a vet might be a good idea (unless it's one of those emergency vets that costs a billion dollars to find out that there's nothing wrong). You could try the ASPCA poison control line. Hope you both make it through ok!


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