Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Produce is not safe in my house

I bought a watermelon this week. When I cut into it, most of it was overripe. Out of luck. The dogs got to enjoy a snack because the thought of it all going to waste was beyond me. I have the rest stuck in the fridge for the dogs to consume in the next few days.

Tonight, I stopped into the house to check on the dogs during my shift at work. The dogs were thrilled to see me as always. Once the flurry of fur had calmed down, I looked to see what damage they had caused in the few hours I was away.

Bits of carrot were scattered across the floor.

One of the dogs (Maddy, I'm looking at you.) climbed onto the kitchen table and dragged a bag of fresh from the garden carrots onto the floor. The dogs made off with most of them before I got home.

It's going to be an interesting week picking poop, I tell you.


  1. Dogs are fun!
    I've actually spoken the words to my dog, "Well, of all the remotes you could have eaten, this one was probably the best choice."

  2. Your dogs eat carrots and watermelon? Wow! I thought it was weird that my cat loves yogurt! The only thing my dog (now passed on) used to eat of people food (well, he would certainly have eaten meat, but he wasn't given any) was ice cream and popcorn.

    Dogs are weird.

  3. Davy Dog (he and I are much alike, both old and fat) loves anything sweet, fatty or otherwise unhealthy. Offer a treat and he will take your arm to the elbow in his hurry to get it. Desdemona I miss her) on the other hand used to daintily pick sweet peppers (her favourite food) out of your fngers.

  4. I tried over ripe watermellon on Bobik and Volk. They were less than thrilled. On the other hand they eat oatmeal porridge so they aren't that fussy.


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