Monday, September 08, 2008

Ew, they're kissing!

*side note to family members: this is not about The Guy or any guy in particular, so don't go getting all barfy on me. What are you? Five?*

It's not just about the kiss. It's about the electricity in the air before lips meet and the seemingly audible heart beats afterwards. It is how the world seems to simultaneously speed up and slow down in those moments. Things register in your mind that may take fleeting seconds to occur, that should take ages to comprehend. The pressure, the shape, the taste. These all are registered and comprehended, appreciated and memorized in that brief moment.

My favourite moment is the moment after the kiss. Where foreheads press together as both parties take deep, sucking breaths to regain an ounce of composure, to consider the grandiosity of such a simple act, to revel in the intensity.

The title comes from my favourite movie Robin Hood: The Cartoon. Maid Marion is playing with the little bunnies and steals a kiss from "Robin Hood". His sister sees it and this is her response. She follows it with uproarious laughter and a huge sigh. I quote it all the time.


  1. Dude, why you gotta be so gross all the time?

  2. I am five - but I saw awesome post, and so true!

  3. 'the first kiss' is one of the best things about living...
    there is nothing else like it!

  4. Lovely. Great writing.

  5. Do I detect the sound of new batteries in your vibrator?

  6. Abigail, Mandy Lou, Kalki, Gypsy Girl: Thanks!

    Ky and Lyn: Just as I predicted.

    Dana: Nope! Just watching Veronica Mars a lot.


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