Friday, August 15, 2008

Dog List: Part V - Fighting

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  • If it is Montel vs Madison, just let'em go at it. It sounds worse than it is. They bear their teeth and make horrible snarling noises, but there is no blood drawn between them. Just keep Vicki away from them or she'll make it worse.
  • Vicki vs Madison: Maddy puts Vicki to the floor and then it's over
  • Montel vs Vicki: immediately get a blanket and throw it over them both. Separate them with the blanket. Keep the blanket over Vicki and hold onto her until she stops shaking. She is a mean one and holds a grudge. Once she is calm, she will run over to Montel, bite his ear once and then it is over.
  • Don't let Madison push you around. She will try!

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