Sunday, July 01, 2007

Dogs ate her face

Last night, The Guy was over for a bit after I got home from a girl movie with Lyn and her friend. We walked the dogs and then I gave them each a bone so they would leave us alone for awhile. In true Vicki and Monty fashion, one decided the other's bone looked better. One thing led to another and they started brawling.

I tried to separate them. Vicki was so intent on biting Monty, she got a hold of my lip. Then, she readjusted and took a couple of chunks out of my chin. Then when I could finally pull her away from my face, she got a hold of my boob in her teeth. The Guy grabbed her from me, we calmed both dogs down and then I realized I was bleeding. It took over two hours to stop the blood completely.

I couldn't stop crying. Not because it hurt, but because I was so embarrassed the dogs fought and I was so disappointed in them. The Guy was nice about it and took care of me - brought me ice and all that. This morning I am sore, but none the worse for wear. I can now wear a lip ring and a chin ring if I so choose. She bit straight through both. And my lower chin has an inch spilt in it. So does my boob.

Anybody want a dog?


  1. Aw, that sucks. All I can say is, be glad it wasn't a cat. They have more pointy bits.

  2. That is horrible. I send you hugs. Did you have to go to the hospital?

    Making your dogs into rugs is always an option.

  3. P.S.
    Nice Malcolm in the Middle reference.

  4. What if you got a piercing chain thing that went from your lip to your chin to your boob? It would have a good back story....
    Seriously, that sucks. I still have the Dog whisperer DVD's if you want to borrow them.

  5. Gwen: That is true. Cats are inherantly evil.

    Janny: I'm glad you got the MitM reference. I didn't have to go to the hospital. I still bleed a little if I open my mouth too wide, but otherwise I'm fine.

    NQA: I may have to take you up on those DVDs. Or, I will have the cutest rug in my living room.

  6. B - I'll let my boys know that I've been right all along, they are evil.
    Hope you stop bleeding soon... or at least not having to open wide (that sounded dirtier than I wanted it to).


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