Monday, August 11, 2008

Dog List: Part II - The Feeding

See Dog List: Part I.

Vicki (blue bowl) = 3/4 cup
Montel (red bowl) = 1 cup even-ish
Madison (silver) = 1 heaping cup

Food is in the big blue bin under the counter by the dog bowls. The dogs eat once at supper time. The chews and snacks are there too. Try and leave chew bones (raw hides) [I remembered the word after the fact] out whenever you leave. The dogs are chewers.

If they are annoying you, slather peanut butter (bottom door, top shelf next to the fridge) on the bones. It gets you 20 mins+ of quiet time. [I forgot to include not to dip the bones directly into the peanut butter as it makes Ky VERY angry. She goes all ranty about sanitary things.]

Caution: Don't leave anything you don't want eaten where they can get it. Be careful with your purse. Madison loves lip gloss, gum and lotion. [Also, this week she added Mp3 players to that list.]


  1. Next time, I will dog sit and you won't need to leave instructions. Mine would have to include: Pile Mighty Dog (chicken only) into a nice little pyramid because Lucky will not eat if it's close to the bottom.

  2. Wow, just like having teenagers! haha


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